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New York Soup Exchange in Garden City

Fresh home-made soups for cold and hot weather enjoyment.

By Lyn Dobrin -- December 8, 2011



item7Since 1998, Ken Kaplan, the owner and operator of NY Soup Exchange in Garden City, serves up to eight soups every day made from scratch, drawing his ideas from a repertoire of 110 soup recipes.


NY Soup Exchange – The soups change with the season, with more cream soups available in the cold weather and cold soups such as gazpacho in the summer.


The possibilities include vegetarian, poultry, seafood, stews, cream and meat selections. On one day, a look at their website detailed some of the soups available:


Vegetarian US Senate White Bean – DC Recipe.


This classic bean soup, which has been served in the US Senate dining room for over 100 years, is generally flavored with a ham hock. Kaplan’s vegetarian version contains tender white beans in a rich herb-laced vegetarian stock.


Milano Ministrone


Minestrone Milan-style is generally considered the healthiest version of minestrone. The soup consists of lots of vegetables and pasta with fresh herbs in a tangy tomato-vegetable stock with just a hint of cheese.


Chesapeake Crab Bisque


This Maryland recipe brings together crab, vegetables and fresh herbs in creamy "Old Bay" flavored seafood sauce. Kaplan recommends serving this in a bread bowl.




Stracciatella is Italian egg drop soup with chicken breast and vegetables in a rich chicken stock. Eggs are drizzled in. This is gluten free.


Ben’s Chili


This recipe, supplied by Kaplan’s father, is made up of ground beef with vegetables and beans in a spicy chili sauce.


You never know what soup Kaplan will have made but if you’re craving Grandma’s chicken soup come on Thursday when it is always available – Kaplan cooks it for a local Catholic school at a very moderate price to help supplement their lunch program.

NY Soup Exchange also serves burgers, wraps and wings.


All soup comes with a piece of seasonal fruit (apple, orange, pear, banana) and freshly baked baguette roll (included in price). 


945 Franklin Ave., Garden City, NY 11530, 516-742-SOUP (7687)

Hours: Monday to Friday, 11 am to 4 pm; closed weekends.
Prices: Cups: vegetarian – $4.25; poultry – $4.50; meat or cream – $4.75; seafood or stew $5.00; premium – $5.50; pints: vegetarian – $6.75; poultry – $7; meat or cream – $7.25; seafood or stew $7.50; premium – $8.50; cup combo (with wrap sandwich or salad) – $8; pint combo (with wrap sandwich or salad) – $10.25.

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The NY Soup Exchange

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