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Originally published: September 28, 2012

NY Soup Exchange

945 Franklin Ave.,

Garden City, NY



Ken D. Kaplan has a callus on his right middle fmger from 14 years of ladling. At his Garden City takeout / eat-in soup emporium, he can ladle soup faster than the cashier can ring it up, and he never lets a drop dribble down the side of the cardboard container. Kaplan is

chief ladler of this sliver of a shop as well as chef-owner. During weekday lunch, Garden City workers line up for whichever six to eight soups he's serving up. He goes through about 70 gallons a week, and his biggest challenge is to get exact-ly the right mix. "I always have a vegetarian, a poultry and a seafood soup, plus a hearty stew," he said. "And I try to offer vegan and gluten free as well." (Cups range from $4.25 to $530; quarts from $9 to $13.)The day I visited, Kaplan

native decided to come home and began thinking fondly of that first job out of school, at a corporate cafeteria: "I thought about how having weekends and Thanks-giving off was such a nice gig." So he cast about for a business where he'd have family-friend-ly hours, could sell a quality product in great quantity, and serve people quickly. The answer: soup. NY Soup Exchange is open Monday to Thursday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Friday to 3 p.m.


had made an elegant fish chowder with a hint of bacon, and a mushroom barley that was somehow light and hearty at the same time. Chicken-noodle soup was made with ditalini, a pasta that Kaplan considers "more durable" than thinner varieties. Not that the pasta sits around getting soggy; it is added just before service. After Kaplan got his culinary degree from Johnson & Wales in Rhode Island, he cooked at restaurants all over the coun-try. But after a stint in Texas, the Long Beach


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The NY Soup Exchange

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